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about-wordsRarely does a day go by that I don’t read an article, or see a news story, or find a post on my Facebook timeline that reeks of fluffy thinking, denialism, superstition, gullibility or just plain stupidity. I often find myself having the same conversations over and over again, attempting to correct misinformation and dispell the same old myths so I figured it was about time I started my own site. is a place where I can say my piece but more importantly, I hope it will become a repository of solid, fact based information on a web which daily becomes ever more cluttered with lies, superstition, antiscience, and misinformation.

I suspect that over time my goals for the site will evolve, but for now I plan to share my thoughts on subjects such as astrology, creationism, scientology, homeopathy, irrational thinking, pseudoscience, antiscience and all sorts of other utter nonsense! You’ll also most likely find me commenting to a degree on politics, climate change, education, ecology and a range of other related topics.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day;
Give a man religion and he will starve, while praying for a fish.

Who Am I?

My name is Billy.  I’m a programmer, a game developer, and a bit of a geek. I’ve always had a strong interest in science, particularly the natural sciences and technology, and I’ve always had a strong aversion to superstition, stupidity, and bullshit!

This is not my first time writing or blogging.  In fact, should you feel so inclined, a few minutes on Google will turn up my writings on a wide range of topics from videogame development to extreme sports, from travel to Internet marketing, from cooking and baking to tarantula husbandry and more!  However, up to now my writing has always been objective, fact based, and unopinionated.  I’ve tended to write tutorials, and “how to” guides but I want this blog to be very different.  This blog is intended to be opinionated.  This blog is supposed to challenge, and yes, I’m sure that from time to time this blog cause some offence!

So a word of warning – I’m leaving the comments open on this blog and I’ll be encouraging debate, but I won’t be pulling any punches… Feel free to comment and discuss any of the topics I post about, but start posting ignorant, ill informed or openly stupid or insulting arguments and you can expect my retort. If you’ve come here as a fundamentalist creationist who believes in astrology and the healing power of crystals, and you think you can “convert” me you’ve got one hell of a struggle ahead of you ;)

If you’ve come to join in the debate intelligently however, then welcome to the site and I look forward to reading your comments whether I agree with them or not!

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